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In addition to screen-printing and embroidery, we offer retail ready cut and sew items for apparel lines, festivals, and corporate industries. We handle everything from in-house design and concept creation to final product delivery.

Creating custom garments is a passion of Fresh Thread. Please fill out the questionaire below to help us get your custom cut & sew project started. The perfect custom garments for you brand or organization are just a few clicks away!


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  • What type of garment would you like to produce?

    What type of material and fabrication are you looking for?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do samples take? 4 weeks or less

How long is production? The manufacturing can take
anywhere from 35-60 days depending on the garment and items in your collection.

What are terms? 50% deposit to start production & the remainder once product is completed.

Can I change something mid way through production? There are many moving parts to bring a design to life, from concept to final product. Unfortunately, once final tech packs are approved nothing can change mid way.

Do you handle rush orders? We handle this case by case.

Is there a cancellation fee? This will be handled case by
case depending on discussed units.